Monday, October 29, 2012

Nature's Nectar Sparkling Spice Pumpkin Cider

There is so much pumpkin-themed food still for sale at ALDI - we went to two separate ALDI's yesterday morning and I came home with one more pumpkin item (cookie mix). Are you guys tired of all this pumpkin yet? Honestly, I think I'm getting tired of it - the fun of it is starting to wear off.  When you can buy a pumpkin version of everything, nothing is special.

Don't worry, I'm not letting my encroaching pumpkin ennui affect my review of Sparkling Spice Pumpkin Cider!  Of all the pumpkin things I bought for Pumpkin Blitz, GC was convinced that this cider was going to be the only decent item. Boy was he wrong! Of all the items I've already reviewed, this one is the least likely to be purchased again.

There wasn't anything overtly wrong with it. The Grolsch-style bottle was a nice touch for sure. But the overall product just wasn't very impressive. It didn't sparkle like I was hoping it would and it was essentially weak apple cider. Not much spice, very little pumpkin.

I give Nature's Nectar Sparkling Spiced Pumpkin Cider a D; I had high hopes for this cider, but I was disappointed.


  1. I loved this. Plenty of flavor and plenty of bubbles. Will buy again.

  2. Maybe Aldi revamped their Sparkling Pumpkin Spiced Cider recipe since 2012. The cider I have purchased since 2015 has been delicious, with bite. This Autumn (2016) I've only been able to purchase once. My store hasn't been able to keep it in stock.

  3. its a bottle full of beautiful flavors. I love love love it. its like it was meant
    for me..... *Its my drink*