Friday, March 30, 2012

Cheese Puffs n Stuff -- Cheese Puffs

Hey everybody, GC is back! Sorry for the delay, I had some technical difficulties. Dead phone which had all my sweet ALDI photos on it and dead hard drive which had my ability to login and write posts on it. But both have been rectified and I've got a TON of reviews to get to so without further adieu I bring you ---- Clancy's Cheese Puffs!


This was a review requested by one of our most dedicated readers - my daughter. Since I never got her that pony she wanted, I decided this was the next best thing.
As you can see, it's more generic ALDI packaging although this time they didn't try to copy a national brand. They have 0 grams of trans fat, but I'm sure they make up for that with regular fat. Also, they're made with real cheese of some sort. I bought these at the end of March so the April 18th consumption deadline loomed on the horizon. I lost the receipt but I think these babies were around $.99. I'll update the price next time I hit up ALDI.


So the Cheese Puffs were AMAZING. I crushed that BEST BY date, powering through the entire bag in 3 days. I found them to be so delicious that I bought a bag of Cheetos (tm) to compare them and verify that it wasn't just cheese puffs in general that were amazing (although they are). I found the Clancy Cheese Puffs to be better in every single way. They were fluffy, slightly crunchy, cheesy and salty with great mouth appeal. There were no weird half baked/half fried ones in the bag and the cheese coating covered my fingers like any respectable cheese snack should.


As the Lady has stated previously, snacks are ALDI's sweet spot and these live up to that statement. I give these Clancy's Cheese Puffs an A+. A for being delicious and + for being inexpensive.

 Stray thoughts:
  •  Please disregard the Deep Space Nine playing on the TV in the background. I was in a bad place with a broken computer and inoperable phone. I think we can all agree that DS9 is the worst series of a terrible franchise.


  1. I bought these Cheese Puffs tonight based on your review. Thank You!

    John Braica, Union, NJ

  2. Ding Ding Ding, another Winner. We love these!

  3. omg the jalapeño cheddar cheese curls were insanely good. I need to get there tomorrow to get the rest. I fear I will never see them again..

  4. I swear they changed them. I hadnt bought them for about a month or so and got 2 bags the other day and they tasted more like Cheetos puffs and the cheese was not nearly as much as they used to be. VERY disappointing

  5. These have been my favorite late nIght snack since I discovered them. I have never been a cheese poof fan before these. I could easily eat the whole bag. However, the last time I purchased them out was obvious the recipe had changed and I disappointed! I trying to figure out how to write the and complain. I do not like them all now and am actually pretty sad about it.

  6. Used to love them. Recently bought 2 bags at ALDI. Something changed. Instead of tbe delicious cheese puffs I loved over the Popular brand, I bit into cheese? flavored cardboard dust coated over deep fried cardboard puffs.

  7. I love the clancy's cheese curls because I've always preferred Cheetos crunchy. They are delicious!

  8. Don't buy the Clancy's Cheese Puffs, it is so salty, don't they check this before selling to consu.ers?

  9. I bought these and they were nasty. Very crunchy and very little cheese flavor. It felt like I was eating a big piece of Kix cereal without any sugar. The texture of Cheetos and other brands melt in your mouth and have a very cheesy flavor. This Clancy brand was hard, crunchy, and had virtually no cheese flavor. Horrible.

    1. And when I say it's crunchy, it's not crunchy in a good way like the crunchy version of Cheetos. It's crunchy like a Funyun is crunchy. In fact, that's a good description of the texture. Funyuns. Imagine eating a Funyun without any seasoning at all on it. That's what Clancy's Cheese Puffs taste like.

  10. Why do the cheese puffs have little black doe is on them