Monday, January 14, 2013

O Canada! -- Maple Leaf Cream Cookies

The list of Canadian things that are amazing is relatively lengthy. There's universal healthcare, hockey, hard rock power trios, Tim Horton's and Dudley Do-Right, just to name a few. Which reminds me - if you live in or travel to Chicago, stop by Do-Rite Donuts - although they aren't Canadian, they're amazing too. Anyway, another amazing thing is maple syrup. It's delicious. I mean, where would the humble pancake be without it? This week I saw maple cookies at the local ALDI and decided to give them a try. Ladies and Gentlemen, hang on to your tuques, I give you - Benton's Best Maple Leaf Cream Cookies!

*Dipping Syrup Not Included

I'll get to the review in a sec, but first, what's the difference between cream and creme? Doesn't creme seem hoity-er? These look so fancy shouldn't it be creme and not cream. Shouldn't it? 

 He Shoots, He SCORES!

Okay, these Canuck Oreos are ridiculously delicious. The cookie itself is crisp and sweet but not  overpoweringly sweet which might detract from the filling. Speaking of the filling, it's pretty creamy so maybe that's why they used that one and not the high brow one. And here's the amazing thing - a lot of maple flavored products are overwhelmingly maple tasting. But somehow ALDI has walked that fine line between too much and too little, giving the cookies a great maple flavor.

Did I Miss Santa?

These cookies are fantastic. In fact, the only thing keeping me from wolfing down the entire box of 16 is the 110 calories per cookie. But I suppose moderation is a virtue. We'll see. 

These Benton's Best Maple Leaf Cream Cookies get an A+ because they're delicious and only $1.99. ALDI, you and I have gotten off to a good start in 2013, don't screw it up! 

Happy New Year everybody!


  1. My absolute favorite Benton brand cookies at ALDIs! Dip them in milk, they are even better!!!
    An absolute A++++.

  2. Soooo much better than the name brand. Not excessively sweet.